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Javaaa + Froatmeal-Froat+Oat July 24, 2012

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May I prease haz 1 iced coffee and an oatmeal bar, microwaved?


Ambrosia January 19, 2010

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I love that the lid of my Greek yogurt says, "It tasted like the food of the gods, and that’s just what we’ve put in this cup-pure ambrosia."

So true.

Greek yogurt = heavenly.


Let them eat cake January 11, 2010

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It was my birthday yesterday and as a consequence I’ve been eating cake for many of meals. It is yummy, but this horrible trend needs to stop. Who trusted me with the leftover cake?


Friday Food January 9, 2010

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Today I had a large pumpkin spice chai, poptarts (maple and brown sugar variety), a Chipotle veggie burrito and a bowl of cereal.

There will come a day when I will eat like an adult.

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Tofumorrow July 11, 2009

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Today I watched a video on how to prepare tofu. I followed the instructions and spent my fifteen minutes draining it.

Then, I decided I wasn’t hungry and put it back in the fridge.


mmmmmmm July 7, 2009

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Chips n salsa (both tostitos resturant style!) and a boulevard wheat ZoN beer… the perfect way to do home work for a 30 day summer class!


Just Bunches! June 26, 2009

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wtf is this?

wtf is this?

Just Bunches!® = Honey Bunches of Oats – ???

I’m not entirely sure what they removed from the original cereal to make this, but I just ate a bowl. Mmm.