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I’ve had an impressively disappointing string of lunches lately. August 15, 2012

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Then, today, pure gold: vegan hummus and falafel wrap.

Back on track.


On a rainy Tuesday afternoon March 27, 2012

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Grilled tofurkey sammie with provolone and pepper jack.
Living the dream.

The only thing missing was grape juice. Dang.


deeeeelish April 18, 2011

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wheat tortilla zesty tuna wrap with jalapenos in taco sauce and lettuce and shredded cheese.

+ 1 can sweet leaf citrus green tea


Thanksgiving November 26, 2010

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It is Thanksgiving (yesterday).

I ate a lot of food. It was all vegetarian. My mother forgot to make the vegetable-based ‘gravy.’ I still ate mashed potatoes without it, but it felt all wrong in my mouth.


International Dinner Guests January 9, 2010

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My dear friend Adam and I are currently sharing a meal of Ramen – but he’s enjoying his as an early Saturday dinner in S. Korea, while I’m chowing down on a 2 a.m. Friday night snack in the Midwest, c/o the good ole’ USofA. Isn’t technology grool? I mean great. And cool.