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I did it again… February 11, 2009

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basically… a repeat of my first post…

milk n cereal…

same kind

only this time ints nonfat milk instead of 2%

I’d also like to share that I had a REAL LIFE HARRY POTTER moment today.

in an e-mail to the entier class my professor pointed out something I figured out about our online quiz… and at the very end said:

“5 points to Andrew of Griffendor!”

….. this class will forever be referred to by me as “Defense against the Dark Arts”

funny thing is that its not far from it, its Self Defense


Milk n cereal… cereal n milk February 2, 2009

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Its nearly 3 am…

writing checks for bills to mail tomorrow

not even LOOKING at any sort of homework I have to do.

And i just ate a bowl of Cinnamon Strusel Frosted Mini Wheats… I love cereal but never for breakfast.


Popping Tarts to Warm My Heart

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It is freezing in my room. Brrr! So what better way to warm up then some nicely toasted poptarts. I’m not a fan of that fake fruit nonsense, so I figured I would enjoy these:

Yum. And since I’m so healthy, I put a  little butter on them. Haha. I swear it is good.

Finally, because it is 2:30 am and I haven’t started my homework that’s due today, I decided to also drink one of these:



Hello world!

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