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Egg sammich, wit cheese ‘n Cholula hot sauce October 24, 2014

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P.S. I want to eat lunch with CD and BS sometime soon, and then post about it.


I like California… September 23, 2014

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…almost exclusively for the food.

Tonight I dropped by main campus on my way home and picked up an heirloom tomato caprese sandwich with an arugula salad.



I’ve had an impressively disappointing string of lunches lately. August 15, 2012

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Then, today, pure gold: vegan hummus and falafel wrap.

Back on track.


Javaaa + Froatmeal-Froat+Oat July 24, 2012

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May I prease haz 1 iced coffee and an oatmeal bar, microwaved?


July 23, 2012

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10:00 p.m
Greek yogurt with clover honey in a San Jose hotel room.


On a rainy Tuesday afternoon March 27, 2012

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Grilled tofurkey sammie with provolone and pepper jack.
Living the dream.

The only thing missing was grape juice. Dang.


September 30, 2011

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Two a.m. and I’m shoveling pretzel M&M’s into my mouth by the handful.

So this is adulthood.